Most likely we do. We have vast experience in a number of verticals, including some of the top competitive ones.

We can also work with international clients targeting different countries and languages. Contact us to discuss your project’s specifics.

It can be a mistake in the site setup, slow site speed, poor navigation leading to poor indexing, a penalty etc.

We will need to audit your site and interview you about its history to pinpoint the exact reason and suggest a way to fix the issue. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Absolutely. Most of the times, getting everything right from the start is already a big advantage against competition.

Yes, we provide investigations of traffic drops, provided it happened recently and/or you have the data available for the period when it happened. We could use third party tools' data for this but of course using first-hand data from your site's Google Search Console, any other analytics solution you are using or even server logs would be more complete and accurate.

Based on what we find out, we can suggest further options for you. Please bear in mind that in some cases, alternative scenarios may be faster/more cost effective than recovering the current site. In any case, we would be able to advise you on the best route.

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