Why Bother With Private Networks

As somebody known for talking a lot about bespoke private networks, I sometimes get asked why it makes sense putting the effort into building your own private network as opposed to just buying standalone links/buying links in somebody else's PBN/doing outreach/digital PR/insert your own link acquisition option here.


Link Audit: Dealing With Lost Links

Links have been one of the important ranking factors for a long time. Site owners go to great lengths and spend large budgets on acquiring links to rank better. Clearly, losing good links is the last thing you want to happen to your site.


What Gambling Operators Can Learn From Affiliates

I often make a point about small affiliates with limited budgets being able to win in the SERPs dominated by large brands due to their better flexibility, faster decision making and implementation. However, that means that gambling operators can learn from affiliates to be more successful.


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